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We are a 24/7 Radio Station. We talk about Politic, Religion,Sex and relationship, Education and entertainment. listen to music on our radio station. please dont forget to tune in radio shows

Our Top Shows

Wuzup Radio is your No_1 Afro Cosmopolitan Radio Station. We provide  platform to people to enhance their talent and also to serve as a voice to the  voiceless.

  • Headmaster's Corner
  • Tie Bi
  • The Variety Show
  • Awareness
  • Reflection
  • Osibisa
  • In His Presence

The History of Our Station

Wuzup Radio was established in April 20014.   

we have served our community very well by providing information, Educating them as well as  providing entertainment to the African. if you want to listen to music (Afrobeat) you can go to tune in radio or download our App.

Previous Shows

Files coming soon.


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